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Diabetic Foot Treatment

The following list of foot issues can affect anyone. However, these typical foot issues in diabetics can result in infection and severe complications, such amputation. Runner's foot. A fungus called athlete's foot causes cracking, redness, and itching. Your skin's cracks are a potential entry point for germs that can infect you. Athlete's foot can be treated with drugs that eradicate the fungus. These drugs are available as pills or lotions. nail fungus infection. A fungus infection can cause your nails to grow thick, brittle, opaque, yellowish-brown, or separate from the rest of your nail. Your nail may break under some circumstances. Shoes' warm, humid, and dark surroundings might promote the growth of fungus. A fungal infection might also result from a nail damage. It is challenging to treat fungus in the nails. There are medications that can be put directly to the nail, however they only offer relief for a few fungal nail issues. You could require oral prescription medication. The damaged nail might possibly be removed by your doctor.


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