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Best Vascular Surgeon

Dr Nikhil Chaudhari routinely assist patients with complex and significant illnesses of the lymphatic and blood vessels (vascular diseases). The clinic's experts provide thorough and well-coordinated care to patients of all ages. In complex stenting treatments, blood clot removal, and bypass surgery in vascular and endovascular surgery, Dr. Nikhil Chaudhari employs cutting-edge technology. The diseases covered include carotid artery disease, mesenteric disease, nutcracker syndrome, and peripheral artery disease. You could have imaging procedures and/or blood testing. The type of vascular disease you have and how severe it is will affect the therapy you receive. The following are some vascular diseases' treatments: lifestyle adjustments, such as adopting a heart-healthy diet and increasing physical activity drugs include things like blood pressure drugs, blood thinners, cholesterol meds, and clot-busting treatments. A catheter is occasionally used to administer medication directly to a blood vessel.


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