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Bypass Surgery Center

Heart bypass surgery, sometimes referred to as coronary artery bypass grafting, is a process that helps your heart's damaged portions receive blood flow again. Heart attacks or symptoms resembling heart attacks can be brought on by arterial obstructions that stop blood flow. By creating a detour around obstructions using blood arteries from other parts of your body, CABG restores blood flow. By using a procedure called coronary artery bypass grafting, you can heal parts of your heart that aren't receiving enough blood supply. This procedure can help you feel better and perform better in your heart, particularly if you've recently had a heart attack or are at a higher risk of having one soon.


  • Bypass Surgery Center in Patel Nagar
  • Bypass Surgery Center in Paharganj
  • Bypass Surgery Center in Rajinder Nagar
  • Bypass Surgery Center in Kamla Nagar
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