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Gangrene Specialist

When the blood supply to a significant portion of tissue is interrupted, gangrene, a potentially lethal condition, results. The tissue degrades and dies as a result of this. The skin afflicted by gangrene frequently turns greenish-black in hue. But the term "gangrene" refers to the actual condition rather than the color green. The terminology for a chewing sore or decomposing tissue are derived from Greek and Latin. When the blood supply to the tissue is severed, dry gangrene develops. The place shrinks, gets dry, and turns black. If bacteria get into this tissue, it can lead to wet gangrene. As a result, there is swelling, fluid loss, and an unpleasant odor. Raynaud's disease, diabetes, and peripheral artery disease are examples of chronic illnesses that impair the circulatory system. They frequently result in gangrene. Blood flow may also be stopped by traumatic injuries like burns or an infected dog bite. Gangrene can also result from severe episodes of frostbite, or freezing of the skin.


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