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Artery Blockage Specialist

A vascular doctor is an expert in diagnosing and treating issues that affect your arteries and veins. Although many people don’t need surgery for their blood vessel problem, a vascular doctor can perform many kinds of procedures or operations. Your treatment may consist of lifestyle changes and medicine, depending on what’s wrong. A vascular doctor is a healthcare provider who takes care of your vascular system, or blood vessels. Your vascular system includes arteries, veins and the tiny capillaries that connect them. Arteries carry oxygen and nutrients in your blood. Blood in your arteries flows away from your heart and out to all of your body’s tissues, supplying them with what they need. Veins take your blood back to your heart after your cells have taken what they need from it. They carry waste like carbon dioxide back to your heart. From there, blood goes to your lungs, which allow you to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

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