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Gangrene Specialist

Gangrene is the death of body tissue brought on by a major bacterial infection or a lack of blood supply. The toes and fingers, as well as the arms and legs, are frequently impacted by gangrene. It can also happen in the muscles and internal organs like the gallbladder. A condition like diabetes or atherosclerosis, which can stiffen the arteries and impede blood flow, raises the risk of gangrene. Antibiotics, oxygen therapy, and surgery to reestablish blood flow and remove dead tissue are possible treatments for gangrene. The likelihood of recovery is higher the earlier gangrene is recognized and treated. You might also experience a low-grade fever and general malaise if gangrene, such as gas gangrene or internal gangrene, attacks the tissues below the surface of your skin. Septic shock can happen if the bacteria that caused the gangrene spread throughout the body.


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