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Diabetic Foot Treatment

Many wrongly think that it is not a huge concern because some people can live with it for years (or even decades), so they will worry about protecting their feet if they start to feel symptoms. Sadly, this is not how it actually works, especially for the feet. Over time, high blood sugar corrodes and kills the nerves in your foot. It is possible that major harm has already been done by the time you feel pain. And the longer you put off taking action, the more difficult it will be to right the ship. Too many people fail to act at all or even on time. Diabetes is therefore the most frequent underlying reason for non-traumatic amputations in this nation. Diabetes is a condition brought on by elevated glucose levels. The pancreas produces insulin, which controls blood sugar levels and transports glucose to the cells where it is used as fuel. Because glucose cannot enter the cells when the body produces insufficient insulin, blood sugar levels stay high.


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