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Bypass Surgery

Through coronary artery bypass surgery, a heart artery that is completely or partially clogged is circumvented. A healthy blood vessel is removed during surgery from the leg or chest region. The vessel is joined below the heart artery blockage. The new route enhances the flow of blood to the heart muscle. The heart condition that led to the blockage, such as atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease, is not treated by coronary artery bypass surgery. However, it can lessen signs like shortness of breath and chest pain. The procedure, referred to as CABG, may lower the chance of mortality from cardiac disease. Restoration of blood flow around a blocked heart artery is accomplished through coronary artery bypass surgery. If other initial therapies for a heart attack are unsuccessful, surgery may be performed as an emergency treatment. If you have: Your doctor might advise coronary artery bypass surgery. an occlusion of the left major coronary artery The heart muscle receives a lot of blood from this artery.


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