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Best Diabetic Foot Treatment

Some people with diabetes develop numbness in the feet or poor blood flow. That can make it difficult to notice blisters, sores, and cuts. Undetected and untreated wounds can quickly become infected, leading to complications and sometimes amputation. There are many strategies to protect yourself from wounds and infection. People with diabetes often have problems with their feet. People with diabetes may develop foot develop sores, deformities, and infections more easily. If not treated quickly, a foot ulcer or blister on a person with diabetes can get infected. Sometimes a surgeon must amputate (remove) a toe, foot, or part of the leg to prevent the spread of infection. Long-term high blood sugar can cause a type of nerve damage called diabetes-related neuropathy. Diabetes-related neuropathy can occur throughout the body, but most often in the legs and feet. The condition might make you lose feeling in your feet. If your feet are numb, you might not notice a blister, cut, or sore. You might not even feel a pebble in your sock that is cutting your foot, for example. Wounds that go unnoticed and untreated can become infected. Diabetes can also affect blood flow to your legs and feet. People with diabetes are more likely to develop peripheral artery disease. This condition causes arteries to become narrowed or blocked. Reduced blood flow (poor circulation) can make it difficult for a diabetes-related foot ulcer or infection to heal.Contact DR NIKHIL CHAUDHARI for further information or to get the best treatment for diabetic foots.

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