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Best Endovascular Surgeon in RK Ashram marg

DR NIKHIL CHAUDHARI vascular experts specialize in endovascular surgery or minimally invasive treatments for vascular and related conditions. We combine our expertise in cardiology, vascular disease, interventional radiology, and other specialties to provide the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques for stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and many other conditions. Endovascular surgery describes minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat vascular disease. In endovascular surgery, our vascular surgeons use catheters (long, thin, flexible tubes) to access arteries and veins. This allows them to diagnose and treat a variety of vascular conditions anywhere in the body. Endovascular procedures use catheters to help diagnose and treat vascular and other conditions, sometimes during the same procedure. The doctor makes a small incision in the groin area to access a blood vessel and carefully threads a catheter into the vessel. The doctor then injects dye through the catheter to show the blood vessel on imaging.

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