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Endovascular Surgeon

At Dr Nikhil Chaudhari, our vascular specialists work in endovascular medical procedures or negligibly intrusive therapies for vascular and related conditions. We join our aptitude in cardiology, vascular sickness, interventional radiology, and different fortes to give the most recent indicative and therapy strategies for stroke, fringe vascular infection, and numerous different circumstances. Endovascular medical procedure portrays negligibly intrusive methods to analyze and treat vascular illness. In endovascular medical procedures, our vascular specialists use catheters (long, slim, adaptable cylinders) to get to conduits and veins. This permits them to analyze and treat an assortment of vascular circumstances anyplace in the body. At Dr Nikhil Chaudhari, our interventional radiologists and vascular specialists utilize the most recent strategies for insignificantly intrusive endovascular techniques, regularly founded on our own examination. Our PCPs are seasoned veterans of treating even the most complicated vascular circumstances, giving treatment choices other than "open a medical procedure."

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